Already a while ago I moved this website to Git and Netlify because hosting on S3 did not provide all the features needed (like https and certain domain name redirects).

Netlify integrates very well with the static site generator HUGO and Git and also provides free SSL encrpytion and a nice administration interface. Except for the domain name, there is no money charged for the services!


With the move to Netlify I applied the “Mediumish Theme” but I modified it with some ugly hacks so with the current update I moved to the Chaschper HUGO theme kindly provided by Jens-Christian. This theme also has a more complete feature set compared to the previous one (like image galleries).


I also went through the existing content and fixed some broken links. Because I also slightly changed the website structure, aliases were configured for the existing articles to preserve the URLs as far as possible (let’s see if this actually works…).

Additional content types

There is a slight chance that there will be more content on this website not related to technology and some of it also might be in German but you can ignore it if you are only interested in the technical parts.

Current technology stack

This site is a playground, don’t rely on any of it’s content!